We're glad to see you at the "Kaleidoscope-2019" News

    The International festival-competition of the talented children "Kaleidoscope" welcomes its guests in Israel every year.  The festival aims to support gifted children and strengthen the friendly ties; to expand the creative contacts of children and teenagers of Israel and other countries; to attract the attention of composers and producers, and to enhance cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of public diplomacy around the world.
    The Early Development Center "From Simple To Complex" (Israel, Bat Yam) holds the festival with the support of state and public organizations. Festival participants are the young talents from around the globe, age 5 -18. In 2014-2018, the festival brought together more than 600 participants from more than 40 cities in 11 countries (Israel, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia, Estonia, Spain, Buryatia, Belarus). An international team of the competent jury works during the festival while having as members exclusively professionals, with many years of experience with creative children.
    The sixth international festival of talented children "Kaleidoscope" will be held from 14th to 18th of April 2019. Children's press-center (mass media center) will operate at the festival. Interviews, press conferences, photo reports, press releases will cover all the activities of the festival in the mass media of different countries and on the Internet. Also, the event’s festival newspaper is now under development. Professional photographers are invited. Informational partner - kidsmusic.info - the music of the new generation.
    The first day. “A business card.”
    The greetings of the participants, introduction. Presentation of your “business card” (of a participant or the delegation). “Talents Fair”: the participants may decorate tables with treats from the family, city, or the origin country.
    Master Class “My Hamsa.” Making a personal mascot, a symbol of blessing, luck, and happiness.
    Tea party. The grand opening of the festival. City Tour.
    Second day
    “Cultural development of the child. Exchange of experiences and ways of cooperation.” Meeting of the teachers, psychologists, heads of delegations and organizations working with children, producers, and other interested parties.
    “Little Stars. The road to success” Meeting with young performers, representatives of different countries on a world scale competition-projects like "The Voice Kids," "Junior Eurovision," "Children's New Wave" etc., who are ready to share their experience, knowledge, and memories required for new projects with meeting participants. Photo- and autograph sessions.
    An open competition-concert of instrumentalists and festival guests.
    The third day.
    A competition day on nominations "Vocal solo/ensemble," "Dance," "Kaleidoscope of talents," "Russian language nomination." Competition per age groups. New nomination "Adults and Children" (presentation of the creative unions of both children and adults).
    We will look at the Eternal City from the different sides. Through the prism of 4 thousand years of history, and through the eyes of residents living in it today. From the observation platform on the Mount of Olives - the highest in Jerusalem, and walking through the medieval oriental bazaar, with its colorful smells, tastes, and atmosphere. During our journey, we will walk to different neighborhoods of the Old Town, come to the Western Wall, see the archaeological dig site of the Jewish Quarter, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Christian quarter, as well as Mount Zion with the tomb of King David and the Cenacle – a Room of the Last Supper.
    Fifth day
    Gala-concert of winners, participants parade and rewards.
    For more information see the festival website http://art-kaleidoscope.com/
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Childrens.Art.Festival.Kaleidoscope/
    Please notify by telephone about your participation:
    + 972-545-297-742 (WhatsApp, Viber) Vera Sannikova, head of the festival, or by e-mail info@art-kaleidoscope.com