Ukrainian public broadcaster launches national recruitment at Children's Eurovision-2019! News

    A public broadcaster announces the launch of applications for participation in the national selection at the Children's Eurovision-2019, which lasts from July 8 to August 8, 2019 inclusive.
    National selection for participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, as in the past year, will take place online. The head of the Organizing Committee of the National Electoral Commission for Children's Eurovision-2019, a member of the Board of the Public O. Koltsova, considers such a format of national selection very convenient.
    "Thanks to the online platform, everybody who wanted to join was able to join the selection, as the application rules did not require the visits of parents with children to Kiev, and the technical requirements for the application did not involve significant expenses - we made the selection as democratic as possible, so everyone who had recorded on the phone video , could take part.This year we will repeat the stage of preliminary selection online, with the rules and requirements for the song material and performances can be found on the site. Last year there were many wonderful children, we hope many of them will return to this yearly competition with new works We wish success to all the participants and we expect good children's songs, good voices and artistic participants ", - comments O. Koltsova, head of the organizing committee for the national selection at the Children's Eurovision-2019.