kids'music Kids Jury votes revealed! News

    This year kids'music asked famous kid singers to judge the contestants of Junior Eurovision 2014 using the Eurovision voting scheme.
    Unfortunately, we can't reveal the results from all of our Jury members, as some of them were asked to join the national Junior Eurovision Kids Juries. Thus, their votes will be revealed only after the show.
    Yury Demidovich the representative of Belarus at Junior Eurovision-2009, Internet sensation: 12 – Russia A very cute girl, who's really singing from her heart. Nowadays a very few artists are whole with their songs. Alisa does impress; she really has what it takes to sing. 10 - Malta First of all, here I was hit by the timbre of the voice. I have never yet heard an 11 year old girl singing in such an adult voice! This sounds really interesting, especially given that Federica's technique is very good as well! 8 - Cyprus This year Cyprus participates with an interesting entry. This song is the most suited to the tastes of our generation. Sophia is singing in a very nice timbre which is pleasant to listen to. 7 - the Ukraine Nicely arranged act. Sympho-Nick look advantageous on stage. 6 - Italy Too much girls already! :) I really like Italy and Italian language. Vincenzo sings very clearly, he has the charisma as well. It's hard to find a more singing nation after all! 5 - Slovenia I absolutely love when little girls sing, and when they do it meaningfully - it touches you. I didn't give any votes to Belarus, because I obviously love my compatriots, and I can only wish them luck. No doubt Belarus is going to be between the leaders!
    Sofia Tarasova representative of the Ukraine at Junior Eurovision-2013, the winner of the second place trophy 12 - Bulgaria 10 - Russia 8 - Cyprus 7 - the Netherlands 6 - Italy 5 - Georgia 4 - Belarus 3 - Slovenia 2 - Armenia 1 - Sweden Unfortunately, I can't give all my votes to the Ukraine, as it's my native country! :)
    Nazari Stenianski participant of the Ukrainian "Voice.Kids", the winner of the fourth place at New Wave Junior-2013 12 - Russia Beautiful melismas! 10 - Bulgaria Soft and enthralling voice 8 - Armenia Joyful and sunny song. I liked it a lot! 7 - Belarus 6 - Italy Amazing voice and stage acting 5 - the Netherlands A fun song with a charismatic performer! 4 - Cyprus 3 - San-Marino Very energetic girls! 2 - Slovenia 1 - Croatia And of course my 13 points go to the Ukraine! :)