The names of the Russian selection finalists for the Junior Eurovision 2015 have been revealed News

    Closed rehearsals of the contestants competing to get to the final of the Russian selection for Junior Eurovision 2015 happened on September 19 at the Igor Krutoy's Academy of popular music. As the result of the selection made by a professional jury, 18 out of 30 participants were chosen for the grand final which is to happen on September 25 in Moscow. The names of the finalists are:
    1. "Four Frames" band
    2. Camelia Pedan 
    3. Sonya Lapshakova
    4. Vilena Hikmatullina
    5. Alexandra Gorodetskaya
    6. Darya Kim
    7. Michail Smirnov
    8. Maria Mirova
    9. Duet of Vilena Hikmatullina and Katya Maneshina
    10. Eden Golan
    11. Anna Tomilo
    12. Katya Maneshina
    13. "Caramel Sky" duet
    14. Yulia Asessorova
    15. Ekaterina Bizina
    16. Milana Pavlova
    17. Darya Pereverzeva
    18. Sofya Fedorova