#Discover Junior Eurovision 2015 with Heroes Interview

    Members of Russian group “Heroes” Michael Puntov (Jesc 2008) and Vlad Krutskikh (Jesc 2005) shared their memories of the contest and gave advice to junior colleagues on stage.
    - You both took part in JESC, and are now in Group Geroi (Heroes, eng.). How do you think the JESC experience helped you for your work now? 
    Misha: We learned how not to be afraid of the stage, overcome stress and take only pleasure while performing.
    Vlad: I think such a big stage experience while you’re a child helps a lot. Millions of people were watching us. When I remember this moment I think: “That was the biggest show ever!”  And then I feel calm and comfortable on any stage. 
    - What would you say as advice to any young singers who want to try and take part in JESC? 
    Misha: Sing beautiful songs and work on yourself. You’ll make it!
    Vlad: And it’s important to keep in mind that JESC is not only about songs – people love to watch the show and something memorable.
    - Will you be watching JESC 2015 in November? 
    Misha: Of course, we will, we watch JESC every year with great pleasure. It’s interesting to follow Contest developing.
    Vlad: Yes, sure! I always watch JESC – it’s a tradition already. Wherever I was, I manage to find time for watching the show and rooting for Russia - even when I’m in tour.
    - You took part in JESC 2008, what do you remember from the experience of the competition? 
    Misha: JESC gave me a lot of experience, opened my mind. It was a turning point in my life: after the Contest, every day was totally filled with music.
    - Are you still in contact with any of the other participants in 2008? 
    Misha: Yes, we keep in touch with some of them)) Besides, I have a friendship with Russian representatives of 2006, 2007 JESC. And 2005, of course)
    - Have you continued to watch JESC? Do you have any favorite songs from recent years? (Russian singers, or others) 
    Misha: Surely, I watch! And I haven’t missed any JESC. Many songs stuck in mind, but it’s difficult to choose favorites. May be this year will bring the song that I’ll be crazy about. 
    - What were some of your favorite memories from Junior Eurovision? Does it feel like 10 years ago? 
    Vlad: Junior Eurovision for me is like long-term memories from animation film “Inside out” and a big “Personality Island” in my soul. I’ll never forget it, there’s so much special about it.
    - Are you still in contact with any of the other participants from 2005? 
    Vlad: I have very close friendship with guys from Belarus. Also I often met Kseniya Sitnik at different events and we had a nice talk.
    - Why did you decide to enter JESC in the first place? What was your selection process like? 
    Vlad: I’ve been always dreaming of getting on TV. That was the main idea of my childhood. So, I’ve been dreaming a lot and…dreams came true in unexpected way – Junior Eurovision)) The casting was closed, and I got the news about my participation while being in hospital in a camp. It was so great that I suddenly started to get better! So, dream – dreams really come true!
    v- What happened to you when you came home from Junior Eurovision, and in the following months? [/b]
    Vlad: There were lots of interviews, TV programs, new TV projects and shootings, that was awesome! Some TV channels even came to my home for an interview.
     - It's been 10 years since JESC, and we know that you are now part of the group Geroi (Heroes, eng.)! How is this for you? What have been some of your proudest moments? 
    Vlad: Heroes took start in 2011. We have a wonderful team, brilliant authors and producers – Vitaly and Nataliya Ososhnik. It took us 4 years to have an army of loving fans. And I think that’s the main reason to be proud of. Thanks to everyone who’s with us. We have lots of mutual winnings ahead. 
     - You were the first singer ever to represent Russia in JESC, does this still feel like an honour? 
    Vlad: Russia is an enormous country! It’s the biggest one! For me it was a big honour to represent it at first place. Thanks to everyone who supported me!
    - Have you continued to watch JESC? Do you have any favorite songs from recent years? (Russian singers, or others) 
    Vlad: As I said before, I watch JESC every year. Let me sound very patriotic, but it’s true… I always follow the news of the Contest and root for Russia. 
    - Recently, we've seen a few singers from JESC "graduate" and perform at Eurovision. Would you like to possibly represent Russia at Eurovision some day with Geroi or as a soloist? 
    Vlad: We’ve never discussed it together. So, I suppose that we don’t have it in plans now, but everything can happen, who knows!? Speaking about solo performance – I wouldn’t do it, but “never say never” – we’ll see.
    This year the Contest has a great slogan #Discover! We wish you to strive for something new, widen your horizons, open all your talents and show everything you’re capable of on the stage! Junior Eurovision is a big start for little stars. We wish all the participants luck and make all of your dreams come true!