An airport interview with Vincenzo Cantiello, the winner of the contest Interview

    We managed to catch the winner of the Junior Eurovision 2014 Vincenzo Cantiello at the airport before his departure back to Italy, and asked him some questions. Unfortunately, we had to keep the talk very short though.
    [KM] — We’re talking to Vincenzo Cantiello, the winner of the Junior Eurovision 2014. Vincenzo, congratulations on behalf of kids’music! How do you feel?
    [VC] — Yesterday was a great day for me; I am obviously happy and overwhelmed. I want the things keep going like this! :)
    [KM] — Have you been expecting this result?
    [VC] — No, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect to be so high in the final list, but obviously it worked out great!
    [KM] — How did you celebrated yesterday?
    [VC] — We celebrated all together in the Euroclub, we were singing and dancing together until very late.
    [KM] — You were also participating in “Tu lascio una canzone” (Italian teenage vocal TV show). Can you compare these competitions? Which one was harder for you?
    [VC] — They’re both great shows, but they’re different. Of course, Junior Eurovision put more pressure on me, because the whole Europe is watching you when you perform, not only people from your country!
    [KM] — Any music plans? Any CD or video clip on their way?
    [VC] — Well, let’s hope in a while, who knows.
    [KM] — How was it to be the only boy at the competition?
    [VC] — I was very lucky, because there were a lot of very good-looking girls around! 
    [KM] — Thank you very much, and good luck!
    [VC] — Bye!