D.I.Y Style 2.0 iM4UFM Day 9: Obiet News

    Although Obiet Panggrahito has been a risen name in Indonesia for over five years, it is only recently that he is starting to make a name on the Malaysian music market. The singer-songwriter-fingerstyle guitarist decided to choose “Pantas” by Hanie Soraya, Suhairi took the cajon line on their lovely evening acoustic set.
    We like how Obiet delivers “Pantas” in ‘slow’ tempting version, and the way Obiet put his fingerstyle skills at the middle of the song works well with his new rhythm version. It might be one of the most poppy and upbeat things we have listened in the studio.
    Source: http://www.im4ufm.my/d-i-y-style-2-0-ewal-vs-obiet/