Benji Sanjez Reuniting With The Label That Tried To Ruin His Career ! News

    The 'Spill The Tea' singer has reunited with his former label Ikonik Records.
    Benji Sanjez reportedly reuniting with ikonik records after there fued in late summer 2019.
    (If you dont know what happened you can read our first article about this situation)
    Ever since late summer last year just when we thought things couldn't get worse we lead into this year finding out that Benji will reunite with ikonik records, dont believe me well theres PROOF ! 
    A fan of Benji recently shared a screenshot confirming that ikonik records had followed him and to make it more obvious they reposted it therefore confirming a reuniting.
    From my point of veiw i feel like this is not such a good decision since they literally tried ruining his career i mean they practically nearly ended him. And there was just too much tension in general.
    With all the proof and teases we've gotten i think its safe too assume we should be excpecting an anouncement soon.