JESC-2013: Armenia's first rehearsals News

    Disregarding the fact that Monica represents Armenia, her act is an obvious allusion of Georgia's winning acts of the previous years, starting from the song and finishing with the overall setting.
    The song about sweets got visualized literally - three giant pasteboard desserts are chaotically floating across the stage, hiding dancers behind, who periodically jumps into the act bringing various stuff from cakes to violins.
    Even though the act is very colorful, it looks really overloaded with details - there's a chance you won't notice Monica at all trying to keep up with all that's happening on the stage. However the whole team is really trained to work for the camera, and the overall impression is good, maybe even really good.
    Unfortunately it's impossible to judge about the vocals just yet simply because Monica was using +1 during all of her takes today.