JESC-2013: Azerbaijan's first rehearsals News

    Rustam from Azerbaijan drew number two yesterday, so he went on stage right after Elias today.
    Size-wise Rustam reminds us of Andrei Kunets back from 2006: he's a reeeeeeeeaaaaallyyyyy small boy, which is a good thing (for Junior Eurovision, anyway).
    There are five more boys on stage except Rustam himself: they dance, build a human bicycle two times during the performance and play with improvised guitar strings made of colored rubber bands (what's weird is that there's only five strings).
    Overall impression is that the act is too simple, both choreographically wise and vocally wise - especially given that Rustam didn't even try to sing well, obviously preserving his voice (or being too tired after the party yesterday, who knows). 
    On the contrary, the song itself doesn't really require neither Maltese vocals nor Belarussian choreography: Rustam's play is all about his cuteness and his adorable smiles. Given that, we'd bet his success will mostly depend on the operators' work.