1.  Parties to the agreement
    kids’music - an informational resource located in the Internet at (hereinafter the Resource) and represented by its administration - and an individual who is authenticated and authorized at the Resource in this way or another (hereinafter the User) hereby conclude an agreement on the following:
    2.  Responsibilities of the parties
    The Resource gives Users an ability to publish information about child performers, including photos, videos and audio records. The administration of the Resource is not liable for the content of such materials in any way, but reserves the right to remove them from the Resource on its own initiative or on the initiative of the copyright holders.
    The Users are obliged to follow the rules of the Resource defined in this agreement. The administration reserves the right to apply sanctions to those Users who breach the rules, including putting them in read-only mode.
    The Moderators – those Users who are granted with additional credentials to regulate the content on the Resource – are obliged not to abuse their credentials and not to change and/or delete the materials which aren’t breaching the rules of the Resource without objective necessity. To determine the validity of such necessity claims is a prerogative of the Administration, who are entitled to solve all matters of argument related to moderation.
    Copyright holders may contact the Administration to ask for actions in order to preserve the copyrights, including deletion and/or modification of the specific materials.
    3.  kids’music rules
    kids'music is designed to allow publishing and discussing various information about child performers. Those kids who have started their musical career before their teens (in case of boys - before the vocal mutation) and who have corresponding audio/video recordings posted at the Resource are meant by the child performers in the context of the Resource’s informational policy. Those artists who do not satisfy this criterion will most likely be deleted. Those artists who do not have audio/video recordings of acceptable qualitiy will most likely be deleted as well.
    The following User actions are strictly prohibited:
    - Knowingly publishing false information; fully or partially deleting the actual information from the Resource (except for the actions of the moderators caused by objective necessity); restoring the information (including the actual information) which has been previously removed by moderators.
    - Knowingly publishing texts and/or the products of the photo-, audio- or video montage in order to incite hatred on ethnic, religious, political or any other ground.
    - Knowingly publishing texts and/or the products of the photo-, audio- or video montage which contain insults at performers, Users or any other party.
    - Knowingly publishing information which is unrelated to the Resource contents, including advertisements and meaningless information.
    - Using offensive language.
    - Publishing erotic, pornographic or nude content.
    - Disclosing other users’ personal information without their consent.
    4.  Limitations of the agreement 
    This agreement is accepted by the parties in full with no exceptions and takes action immediately while being valid indefinitely. The administration reserves the right to amend this agreement notifying the User of all such amendments.