Зульфат Габдулин (Russia)

    Boy | Pop
    Zulfat is a young artist whose star is flaring up so brightly on the creation horizon of his native country and who has so boldly shown himself in the world contests.
    It all began when at the age of two Zulfat was singing songs from morning till night. He arranged concerts for his grannies and granddads, for his toys. And when it was no longer possible to bound little Zulfat's creativity within the walls of their house his mom Gulshat took four-year-old Zulfat to music school and vocalism teacher Zulfiya Valeeva who managed to grow vocalism, lively creative individuality and expression, and fiery artistic impression in the young singer.
    Thanks to the creative individuality Zulfat is often invited to perform in different concert in the republic. Participating in the national and international contests brought him various awards and titles.
    Zulfat made his debut when he was 5 years old in the festival "Sozvezdiye-Yoldizlyk". It was the festival "Sozvezdiye-Yoldizlik" that discovered Zulfat as an interesting, outstanding singer and artist and gave him an excellent opportunity to earn success with audience.
    First achievements:
    * I Degree award winner of the Youth Telefestival of Pop Art "Sozvezdye-Yoldizlyk", Kazan
    * I Degree award winner of the X International Art Festival "By the Black Sea" (Yalta city, 2008)
    * I Degree award winner of the International Children Pop Art Festival " Orlyonok sparks the star"
    (Russian national children center "Orlyonok", 2009)
    * I Degree award winner of the festival-contest of foreign songs of the Republic "TALENTS" (2009)
    * I Degree award winner of the International Children and Youth Creation Festival-contest "Talent community" (2009,2010)
    * "Eurovision Junior 2010" elimination round participant, Moscow city (the song "School is closed" brought the young artist nationwide fame and honorable 7 th place)