Yvann Sangsue (Switzerland)

    Yvann Sangsue was born in Porrentruy, Switzerland. At 9 years old, Yvann entered his first song contest "Medaille d'or de Saignelegier". Two years later in 1998, he recorded his first 4-track EP Ecoute. In December 1998, he appeared on "Coups de C?ur d'Alain Morisod" and also "Concours Francophone de Bruxelles".
    In July 1999, Yvann recorded the CD Merci La Vie followed by appearances on French, Swiss, German Television. In October 2000, he toured Quebec, Canada, with Alain Morisod followed by Christmas concerts in Switzerland. His full-length album Merci La Vie sold over 20,000 copies and received several awards.
    Since releasing his last single in 2001, Yvann has completely disappeared from the public music scene. When he was 17, he attended a German boarding school near Freiburg.