Vox Angeli (France)

    Vox Angeli is a French band, active from 2008 to 2011 & inspired by the English band Angelis. At the start, the 6 members have been Lola Beris (born on April 11, 1997), Claire Conruyt (born on November 1, 1995), Louis-Alexander Désiré (born on May 20, 1995), Étienne Girardin (born on April 17, 1994), Iris Lambert (born on October 10, 1995) & Mathis de Ruyver (born on October 4, 1994). The band released 3 albums in 2008 & 2009: Vox Angeli, that has been N°2 in France, Imagine & the Christmas album Gloria. For their fourth album Irlande, only the 3 girls were part of the band. It was also Vox Angeli's last album because Columbia/Sony Music dropped the band in 2011.
    (from artists.letssingit.com)
    As of 2014 Vox Angeli has returned and released a new album titled: Amour et Paix.