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    “The Voices of Haiti Children’s Choir ” is part of “Break the barriers”, one of the two programs that realizes the mission of the “Andrea Bocelli Foundation” and that aims at supporting and promoting projects to aid populations of Developing Countries, as well as to give help in those situations where poverty, illness and complex social problems invalidate or reduce the quality of life.
    The Choir members are Haitian kids; through such an experience (conceived since the very beginning as a, highly structured, stable, educational reality) they will be able to enhance their talent thanks to a highly specialized training, benefitting also of a wealth of educational, cultural and existential opportunities potentially precious for their future.Grown up in a context of strong poverty, thirsty for beauty, eager to learn, the young members of “Voices of Haiti”, singing together in the choir, have become aware of discipline, of passion, of the love for what they do, and of sense of responsibility. 
    Well known singer for song Con Te Partirò, «Andrea Bocelli»(sing together) with the Chorus in International Tours.Therefore all that they can convey, singing on a stage, is pure joy. In consistency with the mission of ABF in Haiti has been formed a choir of 60 elements, aged from 9 to 15 selected among over 12000  students attending schools active on the Island thanks to ABF – St. Luc System. (Official Page)  In 2010 many Singers united in a song for the people of Haiti. Similar: Bahamas