Uudam (China)

    Boy | Pop | Folk
    Uudam (Wudamu in Chinese) is from Hulunbuir, northeast Inner Mongolia, PRC.
    A member of the Hulunbeier Children's Choir, Uudam is best known to date for his moving performance of the Mongolian folk song "Mother in the Dream" on China's Got Talent in 2011. This song is especially poignant for Uudam because he lost his mother due to a road accident when he was eight years old. (Two years later his father also died in another accident, and Uudam became an orphan; he is now looked after by the choir directors who became his godparents and by his relatives). The song is in Mongolian; even though most could not understand the lyrics, Uudam's singing touched all the judges and the audience in the hall. He sang out of his love and thought to his mother.