Triston Coleman (United States)

    Boy | Pop | Rap
    Triston Coleman (born March 1, 1998) is an American teen actor, singer, dancer, and rapper. He began rapping at the age of five then he transitioned to American pop at ten. He had performed at many events with large crowds. Today he has made a great impact and had done great music covers and music videos. In February of 2012 he had released an new music video titled: Troop$ in which it was a tribute to all of our falling heroes and to the ones that is fighting for our country. He then went on to release new singles. As of 2013 he released a new music video titled: Last Forever. Triston is very skilled in many areas including martial arts. He has played a variety of sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, Ty Kwan Doe at the age of 9 years old. He still has those skills today. He is a entertainer he is comical and full of positive energy in fact he always said he wanted to be the next Jim Carrey. In fact Triston has great acting skills. He is best known for starring as Young David in Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour and starring as Eli's Classmate in the short film Eli vs. the Rope. Triston has also took guitar lessons at the age of 9. He still remains musically inclined.
    Triston was featured on and has changed a lot since then. He has done many films and a few small commercials. See Triston in action! Triston has a bright future ahead of him!