Tomohiro Ushida牛田智大 (Japan)



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    Tomoharu Ushida or Tomohiro is the youngest Japanese Classical pianist boy ever to make his CD debut. After appearing in "Taimei no nai Ongakukai" (TV Asahi series), his cute looks and reliable performance technique attracted attention. His debut album "Ai no Yume - Tomohiro Ushida Debut", released, contains small piano pieces that he has been familiar with since he was a small child. «Japan Arts»
    At the "Mini Live & Autograph Session" held at the Tower Records Shibuya store, he performed 3 songs: "Puppy Waltz", "Ai no Yume", and "Homage to Edith Piaf". In front of a big audience, the kid said, "I'm happy to spend a happy time with you all." In an interview with this magazine, "I want to be a presence that makes children who are smaller than me feel closer to the piano." «Jisin JP»  🎼🎼
    Japanese 史上最年少の日本人クラシックピアニストとして、このたび、CDデビューを果たした 牛田智大(うしだ・ともはる)くん。昨年10月に放送された『題名のない音楽会』(テレビ朝日系)出演をきっかけに、そのかわいらしいルックスと、たしかな演奏テクニックが注目を集めました。3月14日に発売されたデビューアルバム『愛の夢~牛田智大デビュー』は、彼が幼いころ親しんできた、ピアノ小品を収録。ebay