Tolmachevy twins (Сёстры Толмачевы, Russia)

    Masha and Nastya Tolmachevy were born on January 14th, 1997. From the age of 6 girls are studying in the pop music studio "Sverchok". At home girls started to sing being 4 years old.
    - When their mother brought her daughters to the studio for the first time I was rejecting them, told tutor Antonina Pervilieva. I already had castings, and they were too young, they even weren't at the school that time. But when I heard their singing, I thought: they are real future stars, and accepted them without any doubts.
    Music tastes of sisters significantly differ. Masha likes Larisa Dolina and Alla Pugachova, while Nastya likes Whitney Houston and Sarah Connor.
    Besides vocal classes girls also study piano. "We can also play accordion and we can play any melody on piano! We also like to sing karaoke for our guests". Despite this girls don't think about singing career yet, their current wish is to become doctors.