Timbiriche (Mexico)

    One of the most important groups of Mexican Pop, Timbiriche started as a children's group in 1982.
    Originally the group consisted of 4 girls (Mariana Garza, Alix Bauer, Paulina Rubio and Sasha Sokol) and 2 boys (Diego Schoening and Benny Ibarra). They debuted with the studio album "Timbiriche" on April 30, 1982 on the Mexican TV show "Siempre en Domingo".
    After the success of their fist album, the group recorded their second album, titled "La Banda Timbiriche". In the same year, they shared a show with the Spanish music group "Parchis".
    In 1983, the group released the album "La Banda Timbiriche: En Concierto". The album included covers of songs in English which were popular at that time. In December of the same year, Erick Rubín, a third male member, joined the band. The band released a new album called "Disco Ruido".
    In 1984, the group, along with several other children actors and singers, starred in a Mexican version of the play "Grease" (Vaselina in Mexico). From that play, they released the album "Timbiriche Vaselina".
    In 1985, they released a new album titled "Timbiriche Rock Show", aiming for a teenage sound. After the release of this album, they transitioned from a children's band into an adult band.