The Smile Shop (Georgia)

    Ten year old Mariam Shavladze is the youngest member of the group. Despite her age, she is an experienced entertainer and has participated in many projects before.
    Mariam Samushia is eleven years old and also has previous music contest experience. The third member, Tamta Diasamidze is also eleven and familiar with taking part in music contests before and is also a member of the ensemble Little Georgians.
    Newcomer Ana Kvantaliani is twelve and the Junior Eurovision Contest will be her stage debut. On the other hand, Saba Chachua (13) has taken part in many contests in Russia, Kazakhstan and in different TV projects in Georgia.
    Luka Gogiberidze (14) is the oldest member and plays the guitar. He also took part in the TV show New Child Voice.
    The six of them have formed a group that will represent Georgia at this year's Junior Eurovison Song Contest. Giga Kukhianidze, the man behind their winning entries of Bzikebi (2008) and CANDY (2011), will once again be involved in helping the group.