The Potatoes Chips (Spain)



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    THE POTATOES CHIPS are two brothers from Seville, Abraham and Paul, 14 and 12 years old respectively, raised between musical instruments from early childhood, so they had all the posibilities to be artists. Abraham attends 3rd course of piano at the Conservatorio de Morales Cristobal de Sevilla, playing the piano since age 4 and make songs from 6, has also been part of the Youth Orchestra of Aljarafe. Paul, meanwhile, plays the ukulele, guitar and percussion, after going through the Conservatory, is now receiving drum lessons, bass and guitar, and devoured the YouTube videos to learn from the old masters: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kansas or Nirvana. 
    The songs were out playing at home with his father who plays guitar, in the family atmosphere and the result was a demo full of songs and fun, made with all natural, such as playing and mixing blues, reggae, rock, country, funk, lyrics in English, French phrases, Argentine accent ..... savvy made music! 
    With a demo have attracted the attention of Carlos Herrera who play the songs on Onda Cero Radio. At PSM Music we had very clear ...