The Funkids (Georgia)

    FUNKIDS is the group that will represent Georgia at the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It has four young members: Ketevan, Nino, Luka and Elene. Together they'll perform the song Funky Lemonade. and try have as much fun as previous Junior Eurovision winners from Georgia: Bzikebi and CANDY.
    Ketevan Samkharadze – 13 years old. She was born in Borjomi. She is a member of ensemble ,,Little Georgians” . She is the winner of TV project ,,Ana-Bana”. She ranked the 1st place in Choral music festival , which was held in Italy. In 2011 she became a laureate of Gogi Dolidze Festival. In 2011 she took part in National Selection of Junior Eurovision and was qualified 2nd place.
    Nino Dashniani – 11 years old . She was born in Brussels. She studies at # 52 public school. She is a scholarship holder of Music school # 7 . Nini took part in the Musical ,,Oliver”.
    Luka Karmazanashvili – 12 years old . He is the winner of music contest ,, 2008 Stars” . He is a participant of TV Project ,, Talents”. In the animation ,,Skupi” he dubbed the main character.
    Elene Arachashvili – 10 years old. She is a student at gymnasium “Shavnabada.” She studies at Bzikebistudio. Elene plays the piano.