Super7 (Indonesia)

    Super7 is a pop boy band from Jakarta, Indonesia, who formed in March 2011. They signed to Keci Music on 8 August 2011. The group is currently composed of Jose Christian, Ajil Ditto and Bagas Dwi Rizqi Hidayat.
    The band released their debut album The Adventure Of Super7, marketed by KFC. In the same year, they released the video for their single Best Friend Forever, which aired on SCTV.
    In 2013 the band were cast in Bersama Meraih Mimpi, a musical comedy drama television series. The soundtrack was titled "Shared dreams", and the show was first aired on 18 November 2013 on MNCTV. They received the title of "Top song of the Day" on TOP POP (MNCTV), for the song "Best Friend Forever" on 30 August 2013.
    On 17 March 2014, Bryant Santoso left the band, and on 3 May 2014 Bryan Domani and Raza Adhanzio also left.
    In early 2015 the three remaining members of the band (Christian, Ditto and Hidayat) were cast in the soap opera Bidadari Takut Jatuh Cinta. They plan to release a new single this year.