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    My name is🌟((Sina)), born in Germany, I’m a drummer. A musician.I started drumming when I was 10. My dad is running a little studio so found myself playing on my first couple CDs rather quickly. In 2013 I started a YouTube channel and shared covers of favorite songs.Friend of (Jadyn Rylee)🌺
     The overwhelming response inspired me to take the next step creating original material. I like good music. All kinds of good music. What is good music? Don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned some kind of musical instruments should be involved. And I have to confess that I’m not a Metal Chick. I like some Metal bands but not all of them. I enjoy all kinds of different musical styles. Many guys see my drum covers and they ask me to cover all those Speed Metal Thrash Bands. I recognize the speed of all those drummers,that’s not for me. Similar is Avery Molek !
    My dad is a professional Live & Studio musician. In the very month I was born he started touring Europe with a Beatles Tribute Show which he continued doing for the next 10 years to come before he concentrated on his studio work.When I was 2 years old I joined him for the first time on tour (in Austria, so I was told).                  🌍 Official Site