Saydis Calzado (Cuba)



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    Saidys Calzado also known as Saydis, the 12 years old Cuban girl who came on foot to Uruguay and lives in Montevideo, is a FINALIST of "Got Talent Uruguay", the child got Golden Buzzer on 1st. appearance, sing/dance. «GOT T🌟LENT». Host Natalia Oreiro Наталия Орейро 
    This kid arrived in Uruguay 3 years ago. She came accompanied by her grandparents from Cuba on a trip between on foot and boat by four-day rivers and started in Havana and passed through Panama, French Guyana, Brazil and entered the Uruguayan Country in South America by Rivera."It was the hardest thing I lived in my life," said Saidys (Saydis) to EL PAIS. "I had a great time frightened by the uncertainty that something bad could happen.  «TodoCuba».
    In 2023 Saidys participated in the international program🎤«The Voice Kids»✌[La Voz Kids Uruguay] with Singers, Valeria Lynch, Argentina, and Alex Ubago from Spain, Ruben Rada, and from Group Marama (Agustin Casanova), as coaches also Soledad Pastorutti and Cris Morena invited coaches, and was selected FINALIST with «Thiago»..🎼