Roméo (France)



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    Exactly thirty years ago, a child became the sweetheart of France. His name: Romeo. Just a few weeks before Mother's Day 1973, Romeo came out with his first album entitled 'Maman'. In just a few months, 900.000 copies were sold. Produced by Claude Carrère, the grand poobah of 70's French music, Romeo spent the next three years releasing one hit after another. Blessed with a beautiful operatic tenor, Romeo was nicknamed 'the Child with the Golden Voice'. French singer SHEILA became close to the young singer, eventually became his mentor and 'on-stage godmother'. 'JE VEUX ETRE UN HOMME', 'TON PETIT AMOUREUX', and 'JUSTE UN PETIT BAISER' were among Romeo's many hits heard on every radio and television at the time. These songs are now part of French history of music thanks to the talent and touch of Jim Larriaga. Romeo has sold over four million records in France. And even though his time in the limelight was fleeting, he is still remembered fondly by thousands. A new generation will now discover Romeo thanks to this compilation CD reuniting 20 of Romeo's greatest hits. Listen to 'LE MEILLEUR DE Romeo'. That many French fans can't be wrong.