Robinzon (Робинзон, Russia)

    The band known as Robinzon was started in 1986 at a music school in the city of Ishim located in Siberia, Russia. Here the children not only have fun performing but receive a real musical education in both theoretical and practical aspects to music. They are expected to perform on stage what they have just learned and are permitted to add their own touches to their performances.
    All play one or more instruments and many learn to write their own music. The song “Two Steps” performed by Ivan Okhrimenko, a 14 year old, in late 2009 was written and choreographed by Ivan. The groups’ songs are written and composed by its members with but a few exceptions for they often adapt rock songs or the music of Mozart and Beethoven. On one occasion Lesha sings “Ave Maria”.
    They work hard, often not in the best of conditions, but the prevailing atmosphere is family orientated. The “Old” are there to advise and assist and often the group finds time to go camping, a favorite leisure activity.