Riga Dom Boys Choir (Latvia)

    The choir was first established in Latvia in 1950. It consists   of a very well musically educated treble singers and a professional male group.
    During the last 30 years, under the leadership of Janis   Erenstreits, the boys of the Emils Darzins Music School gained international   renown as angelic wonders, capable of producing musical miracles.
    In 1990, as Latvia approached the restoration of its national   independence, the boys of the Emils Darzins School chose to follow a centuries'   old tradition by naming the choir in honour of Riga 's 800-year old Dom   Cathedral. Since 1994 the boys have been a part of the Riga Dom Choir School .
    Started from 1993 the choir has recorder 19 CDs.
    In 1998 the CD “Christmas Together” ( with a pop music soloist   from Great Britain Chris Norman), but in 2000 the CD “Odi Et Amo” in   collaboration with Latvian contemporary composer Ugis Praulins got the Great   Award as the best recordings of a year 1997 and 1999.
    In 2001 the choir got the Great Music Award that is the highest   award of Culture Ministry in Latvia .
    The President of the United States , the president of Finland ,   Ukraine , Uzbekistan and Turkey , H. R .H. Prince Charles and HM Elizabeth II   Queen of the United Kingdom, participants of NATO summit (2006) have all enjoyed   performances in Riga . The choir concert tours have been highly appreciated by   the public and press.