Ricky Martin (Puerto Rico)

    ✨Enrique Martín Morales((RICKY MARTIN))(born Dec.24, 1971,San Juan, Puerto Rico),Grammy and Latin Grammy Award-Winning pop singer, dancer, musician,actor and author,biggest teen idol in America in the '90s.✨
    Began singing at 6, using wooden kitchen spoons as microphones.Began his career in 1984 at 12 with the all-boy pop group with Draco Rosa «Menudo». After 5 years with them,released several Spanish [solo albums] throughout 1990s.From 1991 he has worked as a Solo Act, also acted on stage on TV,Mexico,like his friend «L. Miguel». Grew up in Roman Catholic home,was an altar boy. 💥
     In early 1999, after releasing several albums in Spanish,performed "The Cup of Life" at ((41st Annual Grammy Awards Show)), which became a catalyst bringing Latin pop to the forefront of [United States of America] music scene.♪ ♪ ♬ Good friend of“Natalia Oreiro” 
    9-year-old Martin began appearing in TVcommercials like Constanza for products such as soft drinks, toothpaste, and fast-food restaurants.In a year and a half, he starred in 11 commercials. Famous in Russia,Cuba, Japan,Argentina,Brazil [Brasil],Paraguay,Spain, USA, and Uruguay.🌍