Reece (South Africa)

    Boy | Pop
    Reece is a little boy with big dreams, but he'll be the first to tell you that his biggest dream is to touch people's hearts with his voice and change the world for the better. 
    Reece has been singing since he could talk, and has always been deeply moved by music, his mom and dad found him at the age of 18 months, standing in the lounge with his hands on the speakers, listening to a beautiful piece of music, with silent tears running down his face. They knew he had a great destiny but didn't fully realize what lay ahead for Reece. 
    Reece's greatest hero, his dad, was tragically killed in August 2003, and singing became his way of expressing and dealing with the pain and unanswered questions. His album is dedicated to the one person he misses so much, his dad. The song "Do You Hear?" was recorded with tears running down his face and was a major step for him, allowing him to fully express his emotions about his loss. 
    Everyone who hears him sing is affected by his voice and the emotion it conveys. He wrote and composed "Peacemaker" himself and co-writes on every song so that each one is a piece of himself that he can give to others. 
    He is also a straight A student, a brilliant actor, a big brother to Alex and Judah, and a blessing to his mom. He plays guitar and piano but, in his own words "I like musical instruments but my favorite one is my voice". On March 23, 2014 Reece released his debut album Destined to Win. The album, was done in 2011, when he was 11 years old and now it's finally released to the world.