Raffi Arto (France)

    Around the time most children of 6 years old are playing with Legos and watching cartoons, Raffi Arto already knew what he wanted to do. At 6 years old, he watched the movie scene from “Back To The Future” where Marty McFly plays the guitar at a school dance to an amazed crowd. Raffi stood up and proclaimed - “Daddy! I know what I want to do! I want to play Rock & Roll!”
    A year later, there was a piano instead of a guitar, and at age 7 he learned his very first tune from the American songbook, the classic “Blueberry Hill” as played by Fats Domino. As the days progressed, his father came home from work and wondered who was sneaking in to give Raffi piano lessons, because every day there would be a new song or two. Elvis. Chuck Berry. Little Richard. Eddie Cochran. Ray Charles. Raffi had been turned on to rock’n’roll by his father, and Youtube helped to expand his knowledge day by day. He has now over 150 songs in his repertoire ranging from classic R&B to Rock’n’Roll, Pop, Classical, Rockabilly, Country, Soul, and more.
    12-year-old “Rockin” Raffi Arto, the singing and piano-playing phenom from Paris, France, is a rollicking rhythm machine. He’s got a cannon in his left hand and a rifle in his right. The piano itself comes to life in his hands.. Boogie-woogie, blues, soul, R&B, pop, classical, and of course piano-pounding Rock’n’Roll. While his hands beat a rhythm, he belts out the lyrics with passion and ferocity like there’s no tomorrow.
    He is handsome, gifted, captivating, and charming, winning hearts over with every performance. When he plays, people of all ages are drawn to him like moths to a flame. Raffi is a force of nature, a rock 'n rolling incandescent light. Rockin' Raffi Arto has arrived on the scene, and soon will be leading the charge to keep the spirit of Rock 'n’ Roll alive....!
    Be sure to listen to the debut album which is available for download and purchase on this website. Joined by some of the best musicians living in the Los Angeles area, Raffi showcases his strength and devotion to American roots music. You will be amazed at his energy and blazing technique, we guarantee it!