Picus (Mexico)

    PICUS is a group made up of Luigi (10 years old), Anthony (8 years old) and Dominick (6 years old), known digitally as “Piculin”, “Galletita” and “Piculincito”. Although it is made up of children, it is not a children's project, but a group that at its young age is experimenting with pop, electronics, reggaeton and other genres in trend.
    Her first single is “Tan Bonita”, a song that highlights the beauty of a girl for whom she has a very special affection. Before its official release, the song was leaked through the Tik Tok platform, achieving nearly 11 thousand creations to date.
    The boys' career began just 2 years ago recording “vlogs” for YouTube with Fede Vigevani, causing a hit in Latin America and thus creating a group called La Vecibanda that with the video for the song “No Somos Lobos”, they have achieved more than 22 million views on YouTube.
    In August 2021 they signed their first record contract with Universal Music México and management with GTS Talent in collaboration with W Talent.
    Piculin and Galletita are nominated along with Fede Vigevani and La Vecibanda in the Kids ’Choice Awards in the“ Favorite Squad ”category and Piculincito in the“ Top Creator ”category.