Paulina Skrabyte (Lithuania)

    Girl | Pop
    This girl who lives by the Baltic Sea in Palanga addicted to music in the early childhood.
     Paulina  started to sing very seriously from the age of 5. Always with a smile on her face, she sings everywhere – at home, in the  yard, in the car, at school. Also plays the flute and the  piano, and dreams to learn how to play the guitar. Never separating herself from music, the girl‘s aim is to become a  professional singer. She dreams  of performing with the saxophone virtuoso Kenny G. on the stage.
    It's likely that this dream will come true knowing Paulina's  success. The young girl is  performing a lot in various musical projects and festivals. She has participated in many wide and international contests, and in more than half of them she has  won first place. She took the first place in  international contests such as Baltic Transit and Baltic Talent in Jurmala  (Latvia), as well. The young  performer is very artistic from childhood, and it  is not surprising that the jury of  the contests are delighted not only by  Paulina‘s absolut hearing sense and soprano, but also by her smile and  sincerity – it is impossible to disregard it.
    Paulina  admires various styles of music, but  mostof all she loves the songs of such great singers  as Christina Aquilera and Eliza Doolittle.