Patrick Sean Bradley (South Africa)

    Boy | Pop | Guitar
    Patrick Sean Bradley -14 year old boy from Durban ZA. Performing his rendition of Undisclosed desire by Muse. Patrick recently started playing the guitar, and I have seen him make notable progress in a short space of time. He use to be part of a choirboy group, but after 7th grade, he started taking an an interest in acoustic and alternative/folk rock music. He enjoys artists like Muse. Coldplay, Dream Theatre, to name a few, but stay tuned to this channel, and subscribe and you might even get to see him sing some Bieber. Please post your comments, and if you have a song you would like to hear him sing, feel free to post a request. (Only 2 artists will be sharing this channel this channel. Patrick Sean Bradley and Jared Cardona) So subcribe to channel Puercultura if you would like to see more.