Parchis (Spain)

    Parchis was a 1980s children's group from Spain which enjoyed moderate success in Latin American countries around the world.
    The group's name is a reference to the board game, Parcheesi (translated as Parchís in Spanish), where each player represents a different colored pawn (red, yellow, blue, and green). In the same way, each member of the group dressed in one of these four colors with the fifth member representing the dice.
    Parchis' original five members were Constantino Fernández Fernández (the red pawn), Yolanda Ventura Román (the yellow pawn), Oscar Ferrer Cañadas (the blue pawn), Gemma Pratts Tremens (the green pawn), and David Muñoz Forcada (the rolling die, which is singular for dice).
    After several line-up changes, the group disbanded in 1986 with various members continuing successful careers in the world of entertainment.