Parchis (Spain)

    🎧This was a Pop Mixed group.the group's name is a reference to the board game, Parcheesi [translated as Parchis(Ludo) in Spanish], where each player represents a different colored pawn (red, yellow, blue, green).
    The same way, each member of the group dressed in one of these 4 colors with the fifth member representing the dice. After several line-up changes, the group disbanded in 1986 with various members continuing successful careers in the world of entertainment.Similar artists "Timbiriche", "Parchis" in Spain Europe.📸 More info.  «»
    The Original first members of the group Los Parchís were :
    Constantino Fernández Fernández (ficha roja), Yolanda Ventura Román (ficha amarilla), Oscar Ferrer Cañadas (ficha azul), Gemma Pratts Tremens (ficha verde) y David Muñoz Forcada,  ((Manu Ríos)) is from a new generation.They were very famous in Spain,Portugal and in America Mexico,Argentina,Uruguay,and Bolivia.🌍