Oliver Richman (United States)

    Boy | Pop
    Oliver is a multi-talented artist, with truly amazing, natural abilities, engaging audiences with his powerful voice, energetic stage presence, and diverse dancing and acting strengths. His charismatic and endearing personality wins him new fans and friends at every corner.
    No one can argue that Oliver has an undeniable genetic advantage when it comes to talent, having come from a long line of world-class entertainers, musicians, and performers. Oliver’s grandfather, legendary songwriter, Ron Miller, has written some of the biggest hit songs in history recorded by the most successful recording artists around the world, including “For Once In My Life,” “Touch Me In The Morning,” “Place In the Sun,” “Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday,” “Heaven Help Us All,” “I’ve Never Been to Me,” “Someday at Christmas” and “If I Could.” These songs have sold in the hundreds of millions and have been recorded by top artists including Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Diana Ross, Celine Dion, and Michael Bolton. His songs have won multiple awards including Grammy Awards for “Heaven Help Us All” in 2005, the last song ever recorded by Ray Charles. “For Once In My Life” is one of the most recorded songs in history, having been recorded by over 400 major label artists. In 2007, “For Once In My Life” won multiple Grammy Awards for the Tony Bennett/Stevie Wonder collaboration and was most recently inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for 2009. In 2007, Ron was awarded (posthumously) the Heroes and Legends Lifetime Achievement Award in Songwriting. 
    Oliver’s other grandfather, Peter Mark Richman, has starred in over 500 television shows and movies and has performed on Broadway, off-Broadway and in numerous theaters across the country. He is known as one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Coming from the Actors Studio and the Broadway Theater, he has appeared and starred in many films including: "Friendly Persuasion," "The Black Orchid," "The Strange One," "The Dark Intruder," "For Singles Only" and "Naked Gun 2 1/2." 
    Oliver’s mother, Lisa Dawn Miller, is a successful singer, writer and producer. His stepfather, Sandy Hackett (son of legendary comedian, Buddy Hackett) is a successful comedian, actor, writer and producer. Together, Sandy and Lisa produce “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” currently running fulltime on the Las Vegas Strip at The Sahara Hotel & Casino and in theaters across the country. Oliver has made many special guest appearances in the show and is currently preparing for his upcoming role as “Young Frank Sinatra.”