Niños Cantores de Morelia (Mexico)

    The Choir of the Children Singers of Morelia is currently formed by thirty-six children between eight and thirteen years of age.
    Since its founding in 1949, the choir had been composed exclusively of men, following the tradition of sacred music, but since 1998 the choir was opened to the participation of girls, which has renewed both the voices and the image of the chorus.
    Children belonging to the choir attend their primary and secondary school at the Conservatorio de las Rosas Carlos Prieto campus, where they are selected under the strictest vocal and musical quality tests, and where in addition to their usual academic studies, they receive an education enriched with different artistic activities, especially music. The choir rehearses eight hours a week, in which they work vocal technique, music reading and repertoire.
    the chiir have performed ancient music, works from the classical repertoire, folklore and traditional national and international music, as well as contemporary music.
    Currently, the choir performs regularly at the Morelia International Music Festival, as well as various venues in the city of Morelia and other places in the country.
    The choir has made recordings from the time of its foundation, but it is in its live performances, both in Morelia and throughout the Mexican Republic and in countries such as the United States, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela and Germany. , where has made vibrate to the most varied public for little more than half a century. It is because of its worthy trajectory that, today as in the past, the opinion that critics expressed after one of its multiple tours is valid: "Los Niños Cantores de Morelia, a glory of Mexican music".