Niños Cantores De Huaraz (Peru)



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    The musical group called((Coro Paz Y Bien)) better known as “Los Niños Cantores de Huaraz” was a musical children's vocal choir group of the Decade of the '80s and was comprised of children from the city of Huaraz - Peru who performed songs for celebrity dates, children's activities and Christmas carols which had large audience in Peru, Mexico(Latin America) in those early '80s.🎼 
    The choral group was formed in September, 1980 at the initiative of Fray José Luis Estalayo de Mier, a Franciscan priest from Spain who carried out parish activities in the city of Huaraz. 🎧 
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    For the selection process, dozens of KIDS from the parish of Huaraz arose, and finally were chosen Miguel Villarreal, Manuel Collazos, Julio Cesar Campos, Elisa Machuca de Winter and Melina Carrillo, children who had between 9 and 11 years old, all of them students of the College National parish Santa Rosa de Viterbo of urbanization La Soledad, in the city of Huaraz in Peru.They were to the city of Lima, made several music tests and signed with the label Industrias Electricas Y Musicales Peruanas, IEMPSA  to sing some Christmas carols to rhythm of Cumbia, except one that was composed by Fray José Luis Estalayo de Mier to rhythm of Rumba.♫ •♪ ♬•
    As part of its production, was launched to the local market a Christmas carols album with the name of "Los Niños Cantores de Huaraz - Villancicos En Cumbia" (Children singers of Huaraz) and few time after lauched another album, "Te Invito A Mi Fiesta" (I Invite You To My Party) which sold more than 5,000 copies. LPs of this chorus were sold also in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.🌍
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