Nicole Luz (Brazil)

    ♪ ♬((«Nicole Costa Marinho Luz»)).Born in Brazil.At 2 years of age started singing for the family.♪ ♬😍
    Reunions,events influenced by her father who is a Singer and Actor.At 9 she started professionaly in public, private Corporations and the Mormon Church where she is a member.It has a well known chorus called The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.[[America]].❤️
    She participated in famous program“Ídolos Kids”2013, also in international program “The Voice Kids”🎤✌🏼from Globo 🌍Brasil.On October the 11th. 2017 she participated on a Face to face question and answer International Fan Meeting with her good friend from Salt Lake City, Utah USA,Lexi-Walker  who is a member of  One Voice Children’s Choir and soloist aswell.
    She participated in an International Talent Competition,500 youth,80 countries & [ WON 1st. 🚴🏼💨Runner-up] teen category.😱 Similar is «Paz Binimelis»