Nicolai Kielstrup (Denmark)

    Boy | Rap
    Nicolai Kielstrup (Vejle, Jutland, Denmark, 4 October 1991) is a young singer who participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005.
    In 2003, he was at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, as he knew one of the participants.
    In 2004, he wrote "Shake, Shake, Shake", a rap song about a nervous boy who falls in love. He finished it in 2005 and performed it at the Danish final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, scoring maximum points.
    Al of a sudden Nicolai was known throughout Denmark after a single night - this took some getting used to. Since then he has performed all over Denmark and recorded his first album for release in November 2006. His second album Stage 2 hit the shops on November 12. 2007.
    Nicolai is contacted by fans all over the world - though he has not yet recorded any songs in English - his fan base is quickly growing in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Spain, USA as well as in Russia and China