Наталия Орейро (Uruguay)

    Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias, best known as👉«Наталия Орейро»(NATALIA OREIRO) born in Montevideo-Uruguay,May 19,1977 in a humble  united family.🥰 Putin grants her Russian citizenship 2021.
    Her love for music,art and showmanship quickly manifested itself, and as a young child, she spent hours singing to a tape recorder while listening to the radio.She was somewhat rebellious and talkative but very intelligent.At the age of 8 she was sent to an acting circle(act,sing,dance,etc) Musicality was transmitted to natalia oreiro genetically...Friend of "«Ricky Martin»"
    The girl's cousin played the piano excellently and her grandmother was the conductor of a large orchestra and installed in her daughter love for singing.Natalia love so much singing and acting that she was one of the members of the “School Chorus” with her beautiful voice,also she was part of theatrical performances. 🎼 🎼
    At the age of 11 she entered the TVprogram ((Xuxa))[the singer],where they sing and dance, also she was selected to be 1st.Assistant and won amung many talented girls.So she became part of the choreography(sing,dance etc.).At the age of 16 started acting “Inconquistable❤️ Corazón”,then “Ricos Y Famosos”etc.She is the Host of Got Talent Uruguay.She is very famous in Argentina,Israel and Russia Nasha-Natasha.((instagram))