Nat & Alex Wolff (Naked Brothers Band) (United States)

    Nat and Alex Wolff are two young brothers who formed their own rock band while still in pre-school. They have recently starred in a rock and roll musical comedy film for children and adults called "The Naked Brothers Band". This 'fantasy rockumentary' stars the two real life brothers, Nat Wolff age 9, and Alex Wolff age 6, and the real life band, "The Silver Boulders", they started in pre-school with archival footage of their first gig. The Film features original songs written and performed by Nat Wolff including, "Crazy Car," "Got No Mojo," "Hardcore Wrestlers," and "Rosalina," and a special solo performance by Alex Wolff singing his original song "That's How It Is." 
    Nat is an accomplished singer-songwriter-keyboardist and has composed more than 150 songs since the age of five. Alex started out playing the sax when he was two years old, but decided he liked the drums better, and switched when he was four — then was immediately hired by his brother's Silver Boulders Band. Alex is a natural comedian and is known for the best comeback lines.