Mini Pop Kids (Canada)

    Meet the Kids: Christian Lalama, Jake Donaldson, Mylie, Olivia, Noah, Brendan, Caitlin, Isabella Santiago & Brontae! Mini Pop Kids is a group of awesome kids performing family friendly versions of today's top hits! K-tel first launched the original Mini*Pops in the early 1980s. The popular albums featured talented children singing the pop hits of the 80′s including classics such as Cruel Summer, Video Killed The Radio Star and Rock This Town. Today, the Minipop Kids have returned featuring all new kids and all new songs. This new ‘crop’ of stars-in-waiting. All MPK albums are sung exclusively by the kids, for kids of all ages. The album is recorded and produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With lyrics getting more graphic in nature, each song is hand picked, and edited to make sure they are kid appropriate. Now parents can rest easy, and know that their kids are listening and having fun to kid friendly music! Having already released 11 great selling albums, Mini Pop Kids 11 includes today’s top hits from Roar (Katy Perry), Royals (Lorde), Story of My Life (One Direction), Timber (Pitbull featuring Kesha) and MORE! It is now available in Walmart stores across Canada and digital stores including iTunes! The Minipops are a group of 8 awesome kids, who sing their favourite pop songs of today. All of the songs are friendly for kids, and great for the whole family.