Mini-beats (Germany)

    Little Philip Lawall, the son of a musician, loved to hang around in his dad's music studio.
    At age 3 his parents gave him a little drum set, he loved playing it and wanted to become a drummer. One night in the summer of 1996 Philip and his dad watched The Beatles movies "Help" and "A Hard Day's Night". He developed a passion for the "Beatles" and said, "Dad, I wanna be like John Lennon and wanna make a band."
    Together with his schoolmate Markus and all the available neighbourhood children, Philip made his first "Beatles" band the same week. Philip (John), switched from drum to guitar. And Markus on bass was indispensable as Paul McCartney. Now they needed a drummer and a rhythm guitarist who enjoyed Beatles music as much as the other boys did.
    When they were about to make their next band, in came Jonas (Ringo) who had been playing the drums since he was 4 years old. . Jonas was already a fan of The Beatles and was familiar with their music. He was an ideal addition to the group as their "Ringo".
    The boys were therefore quite glad when Andi joined the group and became "George". Not only was Andi near the same age as the other boys, but they all shared common interests and he connected well. The quartet was now complete.
    With the help of Philip's father, the kids produced 10 Beatles songs in their home studio during the summer of 1999. These tapes became the Mini Beatles first CD, "Get Back", which was mostly produced just for fun and only limited copies were made.