Mikhail Smirnov (Миша Смирнов, Russia)

    Mikhail was born on 30 April 2003 in Moscow in a family of mathematicians. Both his parents graduated from the Math and Mechanics faculty of the Moscow State University.
    When he was three, Mikhail suddenly began to stutter and his parents sent him to singing lessons as a therapy. There his first vocal coach Julia Narnitskaya noticed that Mikhail has a good ear for music and great vocal. His mother Olga graduated from music school, played the piano and she cultivated Mikhail’s love of music as well. Gradually gaining skills, Mikhail began performing at various competitions and winning prizes. At the age of 8 Mikhail has gone to another studio, Lyudmila Simon became his new vocal teacher. Mikhail came up to the professional level and achieved the most significant victories with her. Mikhail has a huge number of Gran Prix on various Russian and international vocal competitions. But he says that his major achievement is the final of the TV show The Voice Kids (Голос. Дети). Mikhail had to battle a series of strong female vocalists, many of whom rode the EDM trend with upbeat, danceable songs.
    Mikhail is a very versatile young man. In addition to singing, he acts professionally in musical theater. Jim Hawkins in the play “Treasury Island” is one of his roles. Also Mikhail writes poetry, plays football and is keen on shooting and editing his own mini-videos. Mikhail even has its own channel (blog) on YouTube. Misha is in the 6th grade now. Also he is studying in the Children's music-school.