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    In 1986 the brothers Javier Willy (Keyboards) and Daniel Willy (Battery) of Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico decided to form a group. They begin the selection period of the guitarist, and after having auditioned several prospects find Ricardo Villa and thus the three together with Sergio Robles form the group "Explotion".
    In order to expand their Regional trajectory, they head to Mexico City where they are auditioned by Televisa's Vice-Presidency Musical "Luis De Llano" where he proposes to incorporate his son Tito into the project, and at the same time the brothers Willy invites his sister Toti to join, leaving the final lineup "Micro Chips".
    His first album titled "Niños Eléctricos". ema original of the Spanish Roquero Miguel Ríos, was recorded at the beginning of 1987 with the advice of its Musical Producer Ricardo Ochoa. Launching three singles of this production: "NO QUIERO (I do not want)" Video very controversial and censored by the media, by the "alleged" rebellion that showed in its content.
    In 1989 a radical change arose when the Willy brothers left the group to continue their studies in their native Torreón.
    Micro Chips continued and looked for substitutes and recorded their second album "De Película" at the end of 1989 and the three new members were: Mariana Navarro, Jorge Mercado and Tomas Pérez, this record had a warm reception in relation to the previous one. In 1990 Mariana Navarro left the group and decided to present a new image with a new line-up where Jessica Herreman and Yani Contreras joined the project. From that same line-up arises in 1990: the LP Energía Es Amor with themes by Marco Flores and Ricardo Arjona with which they re-emerge again in the field. In 1991 Yani Contreras and Jorge Mercado deján Microchips, being replaced by Anna Borras and Álex.