Boy | Pop
    Mikael Grigoryan (Artistic name Misha/ Michel Grig) was born on May 4, 2008 in Stepanakert, a member of the “Voice of Artsakh” musical project since he was four years old.
    At five he made his first debut on the concert stage and began to participate in group performances at concerts, television broadcasts and at various venues in Armenia and in many cities around Europe and Russia.
    At six years old, the song “A Little boy from Karabakh” (by Arthur Grigoryan, who is an active member and participant in Voices of Artsakh) hit more than 1 million views on [YouTube]. The video was based on a story of two friends, a boy and a girl who grew up during the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, reflecting on the childhood of the older generation of singers of the “Voices of Artsakh” project who lived through the horrifying war at a young age.
    When Misha turned seven his producer Lira Kocharyan arranged for his participation in the ‘New Wave Junior” competition, where Misha passed to the final stage and became the second prize winner.
    In 2016, Misha, the youngest grandson of a traditional Karabakh family, took part in the production of a video based on famous folk composition Karabakh Horovel. The video received a wide response during the 2016 Four-Day War in Nagorno Karabakh.
    In 2017, at the age of eight, Misha was chosen by the first public channel of Armenia H1 to represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2017(linkj wiki), where his performance of “Boomerang” earned a 3rd place vote by the jury and 6th place vote by the spectators.
    In 2017, he performed in the music video for “Es Em” by Artem Valter
    In November 2018, Lira Kocharyan, Misha’s producer, decided to submit enter Misha into the 6th edition of the “Voice of Children.” Misha went through three preliminary stages, and then, after the blind auditions stage, he made it to the Meladze team, after which, he passed three more stages and performed in the finals.
    Currently, Misha continues to attend the secondary school number 3 named after Griboyedov, in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh. He is taking piano classes and learning to play the drums at the production center of “Voice of Artsakh.” His favorite activities include: riding a hoverboard, bicycle, football, drawing. His favorite subject in school is math.
    Misha has unique musical vocal abilities, an excellent musical memory, hearing, and flexibility for his age. He is a professional singer/artist, with extraordinary vocal skills and musical taste. He has great potential for career growth in pop music. In solo performances he is comfortable with genres like Pop, Folk, R&B, Soul, etc. He loves and follows the works of such pop artists like Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams and more.