MattyB (United States)

    Boy | Pop | Rap | R'n'B
    MattyBRaps, full name Matthew Morris, was born on 6 January 2003 in Duluh, Georgia. He goes to the Wesleyan School.
    MattyB began rapping when he was 5 years old. Mars, his cousin, also quite well-known rapper had taught him. When he was 7 years old published his first YouTube video (Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber).
    His mother’s name is Tawny Blake and his father, who is also his manager. MattyB has 3 older brothers and one younger sister. The oldest brother’s name is Blake and the other is John Michael and third Josh aka Jeebs. His younger sister’s name is Sarah Grace.
    Why MattyB?
    Before he began to publish your videos on YouTube, almost everyone in his family had a nickname. Josh – Jeebs, Marshall – Mars … Matthew’s nickname was MattyB and so used it as his stage name.
    He also has a campaign where he will follow any person who follows his actress friend, Hannah Schroering, on Twitter: @hschroering. And his brain friend @Sunliel.