Matthew Parry-Jones (United States)

    Boy | Pop
    With just enough experience to get him ahead, Matthew began working on his most recent project, the “California Dreaming” public service announcement campaign for President Barack Obama which was directed by Peter Michael Escovedo - world renowned and one of the icons in the music industry. The campaign is about individuals who dream of staying in the United States, particularly California. The children were featured singing “California Dreaming” by The Mamas & The Papas.
    The singing sensation who also enjoys playing video games, summarized his main accomplishments. “I get to sing on stage for people and children I love. I help feed groups in the Philippines and I also sponsor youth to go to youth camps. My mom showed me a video of small children in the Philippines digging food in the garbage cans and my heart cried.” Said the budding celebrity.
    Despite his busy schedule he still finds a chance for his family and hobbies like video games. He takes pleasure in swimming and riding his scooter at the park.
    The young thespian has contributed his talents to “180 Days” an indie film and has been considered for the movie “Contagion” starring Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. His Resume is growing. He says “I’m ready for bigger projects where I can show to the world what I can do. It’s a matter of showing my talent”.
    Sky’s the limit for a Philippine born young dreamer. Matthew Parry-Jones is a star who sings out his heart and soul to listeners around the world and helps sponsor youth programs.
    Matthew enjoys modelling, dancing, singing and acting. But there is one thing he truly enjoys most as his career develops. “I enjoy when I get to perform and make people happy.”
    Matthew’s career had launched just before he was a year old. This half Filipino, half-British rising star was featured in Huggies commercial filmed and shot in the Philippines. That was just the start. He became a part of a nationwide search competition for the best looking baby where thousands of entries were mailed and Matthew happened to be judged one of the “10 most attractive babies in the Philippines”.
    Matthew who has been on the honor roll, is always on top of his studies. He thinks, what he’s doing is part of his normal life and he is enjoying it. He developed his performance skills with the help of his mother who is also a singer. “We both used to wake up at 5:00a.m. to go to the Myland Park in Colchester, Essex, U.K.” She related. “As he would start running, he would start shouting ‘My destiny’. I then started to introduce him to breathing and just shout on top of his voice.”
    At seven, Matthew began performing at small Karaoke pubs. When the family moved to the United States, he continued to pursue his growing career.